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At True2u Ink in Grand Forks, ND, you will find a clean, organized, and friendly tattoo shop that offers customers a wide variety of tattoos...
Body Piercing | True2u Ink | Grand Forks, ND | (701) 757-2465
Do you want to get some body piercing done but are afraid to get it done by just anyone? Are you searching for a tattoo shop that boasts...
Body Art | True2u Ink | Grand Forks, ND | (701) 757-2465
If you are looking for the latest fashion in body art, you will be pleased to know that True2u Ink of Grand Forks, ND can supply you...

True2u Ink can provide you with top quality body piercings, body art, and beautifully done tattoos!

Welcome to True2u Ink

Where is the best tattoo shop in Grand Forks, ND? We say it is True2u Ink. True2u Ink is a fully licensed tattoo parlor dedicated to providing our customers with quality tattoos, body piercing, and body art.

We understand that when it comes to decorating your body, it is even more important than the way that you decorate your house. You want a piece of art that is done well by tattoo and body artists who have the experience and talent that will make you stand out.

When it comes to tattoos, you do not want to get an inexperienced tattoo artist who may not yet understand techniques, pressure points, and health risks. You can trust that at True2u Ink, we know what we are doing and you are in safe hands.

At True2u Ink, we love to do custom work and to provide our clients with something that is unique to them and their personalities. Whether you want a memorial piece, a tattoo dedicated to your children, a fun expression of who you are, or a tribal tattoo, we can do it all.

Not only can True2u Ink give you the tattoo of your dreams, but you will also pay a very minimum amount for the quality of work that you will receive. As a clean and bright tattoo shop with plenty of room for guests and attentive service, your overall experience at True2u Ink will be a pleasant one.

Do not hesitate to get the tattoo that you have always wanted. Our tattoo artists are talented and our prices are fair. Call today to find out more information!