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Do you want to get some body piercing done but are afraid to get it done by just anyone? Are you searching for a tattoo shop that boasts of a clean and sterile environment with affordable prices? If so, then you will want to check out our body piercing at True2u Ink.

We offer our clients in Grand Forks, ND an amazing variety of piercings. Whether you are going for typical piercings such as a nose or upper ear piercing or you want more edgy piercings, at True2u Ink we are proud to provide our customers with the services they want.

Our body piercing artists will treat you with care and guide you through the process to avoid unnecessary pain and to help you learn how to prevent infection in your after care of your body piercing. We have plenty of experience working with body piercings, so you can rest assured that it will be a successful and smooth experience.

Our piercers are up to date on certification and follow our safety procedures to avoid contamination or de-sterilization of any of our equipment. You can rest assured that cleanliness is of the utmost importance at True2u Ink and you will receive safe and clean body piercings at our tattoo shop.

Body piercing at True2u Ink is offered at low prices. We sell some beautiful jewelry made out of top quality materials that will not cause infections or irritations. Both the procedure and piercings are priced modestly, while we offer you great attention and service. Schedule your body piercing appointment today!